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Hello there! I'm Sabrina.

About me

I'm a twenty-something year old introvert with a big appetite and a passion for cooking and photography. 

A northern-born girl living in the south of the United States and raised by a Cambodian and Vietnamese mixed family. Cooking is true passion of mine as well as exploring new restaurants wherever I travel to and getting inspired by amazing dishes. As a self-taught cook with skills honed through countless hours of studying cook books, watching cooking tutorials and practicing in the kitchen, you can say I'm slightly obsessed with food. Feeding others is my love language. My goal through this blog is to share delicious recipes and inspire those to expand their palate and unite under the mutual love of food. Home cooking, remastered.


What is Made with Sabrina?

Made with Sabrina is a cooking blog dedicated to sharing authentic Southeast Asian and other delicious dishes with the world. Not all recipes that you will ecounter are exclusively Southeast Asian cooking. This blog features a variety of dishes with recipes that are tried and true.

I was inspired to create this blog to address the lack of representation of Southeast Asian cuisine and bring awareness to the wonderful dishes that haven't been discovered by mainstream media. After leaving for college, I missed the authenticity of home cuisine that I just couldn't find through restaurants in my area. I resorted to searching for recipes online and watching YouTube cooking channels to try and re-create the flavors that I missed so much. However, my search fell short as I wasn't able to find many home cooking recipes.

So, I decided to create my own. I started off by documenting my mother's recipes, rigorously measuring every cup, teaspoon and oz, tweaking recipes to adjust the balance of flavors and endlessly experimenting with ingredients to yield the most consistent and delicious results. Finally, after many years I gathered enough confidence to start a blog and now I share my recipes with the world. 

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Questions or comments?

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